That Crazy Pam

I was talking to my mother, she called to ask how my dentist visit went and if I was ok… she’s very worried about this chelation plan of mine – wants me to make sure I have a good doctor to help me.

A good doctor.

I know.

There are no “good doctors” for this. Or, maybe there are, but I haven’t found one yet.

I also know, I can do this on my own. This isn’t my first rodeo. And I’m not really alone – there are lots of people doing this too and they all live on the internet like I do.

And then she said: “At least your teeth will be all pretty and white”.

WHAT?!! It’s not about how my teeth look at all! It’s my health. It’s life or death here!

I know she was just trying to find a silver lining… and I know it’s also a defensive thing – she has silver fillings. Everyone she loves has silver fillings… it would be great if this was just Crazy Pam justifying a way to get those ugly silver fillings removed so she can have pretty white teeth.

At this point, the way I look is beside every point there is. I’ve aged beyond my 46 years in every way. I don’t look 46. I don’t feel 46. I feel 86. If I was 86, I’d have a mouth full of beautiful shiny white dentures.

But no, I have toxic teeth.

Do I think everyone should have their silver fillings removed? I don’t know. Some people seem to be perfectly healthy and happy with them. I think they must have good genes. Or they are good detoxers. Or they don’t grind their teeth, maybe. I don’t know.

But I think NO ONE should ever get silver fillings put in their teeth – it’s a ticking time bomb – how do you know if you will be one of the lucky ones who detoxes naturally well, or someone whose health will hit rock bottom in no time?

There isn’t much smiling to do when you feel sick and tired all the time… who is even going to see those pretty white teeth?


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