Mistakes Made. Lessons Learned.

Learning here. The hard way.

I listened to my dentist and took chlorella and liposomal glutathione.


I think the chlorella caused me to break out in pimples all over, and the glutathione caused more chronic fatigue. Maybe they both did. Maybe it was just the chlorella.

Either way, I’ve stopped both.

I also didn’t take enough vitamin c and/or activated charcoal before and after my first dental revision appointment.

Live and learn.

The hard way.

Next time I’ll take 2 or 3 capsules of charcoal before AND after.

It’s been a rough week.

Very tired, very depressed, slept a lot. Feel like I was poisoned. Unexplained heartburn and I never get heartburn.

My favorite corn-free vitamin c has been discontinued, so I’m trying out new ones. So far I think the one I bought might be bad for me. It’s hard to say when I’m already feeling bad. So I’ll take a day or two off and try it again.

I also think the new brand of milk thistle is bad.

Or maybe I just feel so bad it’s all bad.

Also, I bit down on my new “temporary onlay” and I think I broke it. Now my jaw, both top and bottom, hurts constantly.

Oh, and I got it in my head to try a drop of iodine. Since I can’t detox with any of the regular items yet, I thought maybe I could with this. Wrong. Wrong… wrong… wrong. Major detox headaches and aches.


1. I tried Lithium Orotate. (Lithium Orotate 5 mg Elemental Lithium 60 Veg Caps) A lightbulb turned on. Life got easier and lighter. I laughed at some things for the first time in over a week.

2. Detox Bath. Lots of epsom salts. Hot water. 15 minutes. Cool shower to rinse off. I need to remember to do that more.


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