The Hair Test

According to Andy Cutler’s protocol, you can tell a lot from a hair test. It will probably not show high mercury, unless you’ve had a recent acute exposure, but it will show patterns that indicate mercury toxicity, other heavy metal toxicities, and possible mineral absorption issues.

I don’t think it’s necessary to get a test; after all, I’ve had 14 amalgams in my mouth for 34 years and have been battling several autoimmune diseases and health issues over the last 14 years… but I decided it would be interesting.

And maybe it would provide some measure of proof to the doubters. If that matters at all. I don’t know if it does.

But I think it will be interesting to see a before and after, so I went ahead and spent the $90.00 on it.

This is the hair test that the people in Andy Cutler’s forum use:

And here is one page that talks about the “counting rules” to determine if the test shows mercury issues:

Andy has a book that goes into more detail: Hair Test Interpretation and this book also has an easy to read chapter about it: Mercury Poisoning: The Undiagnosed Epidemic


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