Better than last time

My mouth hurts a little, but that’s to be expected.

I actually have a little energy, am showered, dressed and got a load of laundry in – I’m not even on my second cup of coffee yet.

Last night I came home and took more activated charcoal, a detox bath, a shower and waited for my mouth to be less numb so I could eat something, then went to bed.

Results are much better than last time.

Symptom Weirdness: my heart was beating really fast over the last week so I cut down on my thyroid meds to see if it would help – it has. I’m taking 1/4 of my usual dose now for a few days – I don’t expect this to last, perhaps t3 was building up due to mercury moving around? Or maybe Rt3 was getting cleared out because of… who knows what, detox baths maybe? Not sure. Something to keep an eye on.


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