Of Round 3

Doing absolutely fine! Like miserable yesterday never happened. No emotional mess, no issues. Feel pretty normal, not like Superwoman normal, but a “good day” for someone who has been chronically sick for years. You know what I mean.


Round 3 Ended on Day 4

Super tired, had to nap, feeling fried and stressed and exhausted. Ears ringing. Popping, ringing that comes and goes and varies from ear to ear and intensity, and some aching that comes and goes. 

Calling it enough for round 3.

Should have stopped yesterday, and meant to, but when my alarm went off I popped a pill and then realized.

And then I thought I’d better push through to 1:00 PM the next day so that the worst of off round would happen while I was sleeping… so I just kept taking them.

Will see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I’m less emotional. Have had enough emotions this week fighting with my child who insists on being skipped ahead a grade next year. It’s not easy, chelating and dealing with other people’s issues sometimes. Was hoping to get stronger before I had to deal with helping him figure out college path stuff. Researching colleges and talking with teachers and administration and trying to make him understand he’s rushing things was not on my plan for this week. I was hoping to get back into making some art. Was hoping to try to reconnect to my self, my  life. With no stress.

Best laid plans.

Day 3 of Round 3

Doing ok. I want to keep going. But. My birthday is in 3 days… I don’t want to be first day of “off round” on my birthday because that would suck. I would be expected to be happy because it’s my birthday yet I’m afraid I would be an emotional mess because that seems to be what off round is for me.

What to do.

If I stop today, then I could start again on my birthday. Or. I could keep going and see if I can go longer this time or not.

What to do.

In other news, the colon cleanse is going well. I added fresh lemon water to my day. A quarter lemon per glass of water – trying to do 4 glasses a day. Things are moving along better than before in the ways you would expect.

Lemon is supposed to be good for liver and kidneys. And lymphs.

I also added some kidney support herbs: Christopher’s Kidney Formula. Amazon has it. I ordered some lymph herbs as well, but figure the kidneys need to be supported if I’m detoxing lymph. Plus detoxing mercury with DMPS goes through the kidneys too, so supporting them seems smart. Plus, adrenals sit on kidneys, there must be a relationship between the health of kidneys and adrenals, right? Just makes sense.

Spending a lot of time between the water dispenser and the bathroom. Must be getting some toxins out, right?

Also. I tried this stuff -NADH + CoQ10 – have gone through one bottle, don’t think it’s doing anything: http://www.amazon.com/Fatigue-Naturally-Endurance-Supplement-Chewable/dp/B011MZORKU?

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Someone said they did a lymph massage treatment, then followed it up with an apple cider vinegar detox bath and black stuff came out of their pores.

I thought that sounded interesting. And worth the trouble.

2 cups of apple cider in a bath for 45 minutes. Hottest water you can stand until it goes cold on you.

I think I was in there an hour. It never really went “cold”.

And no black stuff coming out of my pores.

My skin is soft though.


Colon Cleanse Start

Because I’m not good at waiting.

Because I need to feel like I’m doing something to make things better.

Because a clean temple… blah blah blah…

I started the Humaworm colon cleanse. Three capsules 3x a day. Plus a lot of water.

Why not. I’ve read that mercury causes some sort of mucus plaque to build up in the colon, it’s possibly a protective measure to keep mercury from amalgam vapor mixed with saliva from entering the gut walls. If I have it, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Not that I want to see it. Don’t google “Mucoid Plaque” if you have a weak stomach.

Might take more than one round of the colon cleanse. Shouldn’t be too hard to deal with. Compared to other things, at least.


Also. Watch this – how mercury causes neurodegeneration as seen in Alzheimer’s:


And sign this petition to ratify the Minimata Treaty and Phase out Mercury Amalgam Fillings: