Candida Lightbulb Moment

Ah ha. Yeah, that makes sense.

It’s amazing how starting a new line of research leads you to new ideas and it’s awesome when some of them pop the lightbulb on.

One such is this:

For several years now I’ve been blaming my adrenal crash on eating low carb keto diet for too long. It started when I was doing a candida cleanse. No sugar, no fruit, no carbs, lots of herbs to kill the bugs. At first I felt so good, that I just wanted to adopt the keto lifestyle. I lost a lot of weight quick, too quick, in hindsight, depression lifted, I was happy and full of energy… until all of a sudden I wasn’t.

I thought I’d done something wrong with the keto diet – maybe not enough calories. Or maybe I’d stayed on too high a dose of thyroid meds when I should have lowered. Or… maybe my body just needed more carbs than the keto people promised.

Whatever it was, it was bad news for me. It’s been a deep dark hole I’ve been trying to climb out of for over 3 years now. I’ve lost all my energy, all my motivation, all my drive, all my creativity, all my happiness. I’m not exaggerating. There is nothing that I look forward to now, except my morning coffee, and getting this damn mercury out.

But yesterday, someone in one of the chelation groups shared her theory that we do more harm than good when we try to get rid of candida or parasites while we still have mercury in our bodies. That these bugs hold on to mercury, or hide in it, or create biofilms around it, and when we kill the bugs, it exposes our bodies to the mercury again – that these bugs are actually protecting us, in a way, from the mercury. That herxing, the die-off from a cleanse, is part toxins from the bugs dying, and also part redistribution of the mercury.


Lightbulb moment.

What if killing off all that candida overloaded my kidneys and adrenals and liver with mercury and that’s why I’ve been so sick and can’t get better?

It makes sense. Plus… other people in the internet think so too. Lots of other people. Here is just one link, you can google for more: 

Another piece of the puzzle lining up and fitting in place.



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