46 Hours In, Round 1

So the 8 hour dosing of DMPS is not quite working for me, I guess I’m a “fast metabolizer”. I’m pretty sure I read that in my 23andMe results somewhere once upon a time as well, so not a complete shock.

What is happening is that about 15 minutes before my dose is due, I’m getting a very uncomfortable squeezing of my skull feeling, like my head is in a vice. Once I take my dose, the feeling completely goes away within 20 minutes or so.

Now that I sit here 2 hours before my next dose, I’m starting to feel those aches and pains that come and go – the ones I mentioned yesterday. So it must be building up to that skull squeezing feeling.

I could do a couple things, try to take my next dose just before the skull squeezing feeling starts… or I could take it even earlier than that (though that’s not supposed to be good to do on round), or I could stop the round and start fresh in 3 or 4 days at 6 hour dosing.

I don’t really want to end the round early.

I think I’m going to try to make the rest of this round a “7-hour” dosing.

So that means my next dose is at 2:00 PM, then 9:00 PM, then 4:00 AM, then 11:00 AM, then 6:00 PM then I could be done with Round 1. What a pain.

I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to have to take ALA every two hours too, when that time comes.

UPDATE: A friend suggested trying more vitamin c before messing with the schedule. Seems to have worked. 




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