72 Hours into First Round

I could be done now. Or I could take one more dose before bed and make it an 80 hour round.

Either way, it’s been F.I.N.E. A very fine first round. A few minor aches and pains, nothing I even needed advil for… a little tired and draggy, but that’s life. Ear ringing and sinus issues returned. A few moments of happy energy, but they didn’t last. Slept fine. Ate fine. Not at all emotional or anything like that.

I still need to see what my redistribution symptoms are like, how I feel during my “break”, off-round.

What I have learned is:

  1. You can’t take too much vitamin C. Really.
  2. Ascorbic Acid works better and faster than whole food vitamin C to knock symptoms out.
  3. I will have to move my dose schedule up to every 6 hours for DMPS instead of every 8 hours, since I seem to be a “fast metabolizer”. Doesn’t bode well for ALA, but will cross that bridge when I get there.

Success. First round of many to get the mercury out. I can live with life like this for awhile. Looking forward to some “improvements” along the way though.



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