More on Histidine

Day 3 off-round. Mentally feeling a LOT better. I took some iron last night and am now warm again and not as breathless. I did wake up more sore than normal, was trying to figure out why, thinking maybe it was the small amount of broccoli (sulfur/thiol) that I had with dinner last night… but it went away when I got my Adrenal Cortex Extract into me. So it was adrenals, and I should have known, because I went to bed stressed out and shaking because of an online argument with someone who was trying to convince me to man up and not take iron. I’ve done that. It never leads anywhere good for me. Maybe once the mercury it out I won’t need to supplement it.


Back to the Histidine issue.

Someone else online posted something very useful:

“My NUTREVEAL showed I was low in histidine. As well as folates. And zinc.

My practitioner told me that you need Folates to convert histidine to glutamates instead of histamine !!!

So if your folates are low , you could end up making histamines from histidine. So get your folate levels checked !

I have read many reports from people who did much better with food intolerances after adding in histidine.

Here’s what I think is the reason. One of the enzymes needed to metabolize sulfur foods is called CDO. CDO requires iron , as well as histidine and B6

So if you’re low in histidine, you will have a difficult time breaking down sulfur foods

Lots of enzymes require sulfur. Including PST. Which breaks down Phenols and salicylates. Berries , tea. Etc.”

So now… I get to research CDO! Obviously I’m low in iron… and I don’t usually take folate because I get sleepy with it… and I’ve been avoiding greens because of the sulfur/thiol issue (miss them!)… so I’m sure I’m low in folates. And as I suggested yesterday, I think I might be low in histidine. SO… more puzzle pieces fitting together.

Also, this exhaustion I’ve been dealing with. I’m wondering if it’s actually Narcolepsy. No really.

Between that study I was reading yesterday about the link between low histamine and narcolepsy, and my issues with excessive sleepiness during the day, I finally got around to looking up symptoms of narcolepsy. I always thought it was just falling asleep randomly for a few seconds at time (hadn’t paid much attention to it), and I thought MY ISSUE was food related, but now I see that the main symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness, every 3 to 4 hours, which forces you to feel the need to nap! That’s me. That is what has been happening to me. It got really bad when I was taking taurine, but is now much much better since avoiding sulfur foods and taking molybdenum. Let’s see if taking histidine makes it even better.  What the heck.…/narcol…/detail_narcolepsy.htm

OK, I’ll be back if I find anything interesting about CDO…




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