Colon Cleanse Start

Because I’m not good at waiting.

Because I need to feel like I’m doing something to make things better.

Because a clean temple… blah blah blah…

I started the Humaworm colon cleanse. Three capsules 3x a day. Plus a lot of water.

Why not. I’ve read that mercury causes some sort of mucus plaque to build up in the colon, it’s possibly a protective measure to keep mercury from amalgam vapor mixed with saliva from entering the gut walls. If I have it, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Not that I want to see it. Don’t google “Mucoid Plaque” if you have a weak stomach.

Might take more than one round of the colon cleanse. Shouldn’t be too hard to deal with. Compared to other things, at least.


Also. Watch this – how mercury causes neurodegeneration as seen in Alzheimer’s:


And sign this petition to ratify the Minimata Treaty and Phase out Mercury Amalgam Fillings:


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