Day 3 of Round 3

Doing ok. I want to keep going. But. My birthday is in 3 days… I don’t want to be first day of “off round” on my birthday because that would suck. I would be expected to be happy because it’s my birthday yet I’m afraid I would be an emotional mess because that seems to be what off round is for me.

What to do.

If I stop today, then I could start again on my birthday. Or. I could keep going and see if I can go longer this time or not.

What to do.

In other news, the colon cleanse is going well. I added fresh lemon water to my day. A quarter lemon per glass of water – trying to do 4 glasses a day. Things are moving along better than before in the ways you would expect.

Lemon is supposed to be good for liver and kidneys. And lymphs.

I also added some kidney support herbs: Christopher’s Kidney Formula. Amazon has it. I ordered some lymph herbs as well, but figure the kidneys need to be supported if I’m detoxing lymph. Plus detoxing mercury with DMPS goes through the kidneys too, so supporting them seems smart. Plus, adrenals sit on kidneys, there must be a relationship between the health of kidneys and adrenals, right? Just makes sense.

Spending a lot of time between the water dispenser and the bathroom. Must be getting some toxins out, right?

Also. I tried this stuff -NADH + CoQ10 – have gone through one bottle, don’t think it’s doing anything:


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