Round 3 Ended on Day 4

Super tired, had to nap, feeling fried and stressed and exhausted. Ears ringing. Popping, ringing that comes and goes and varies from ear to ear and intensity, and some aching that comes and goes. 

Calling it enough for round 3.

Should have stopped yesterday, and meant to, but when my alarm went off I popped a pill and then realized.

And then I thought I’d better push through to 1:00 PM the next day so that the worst of off round would happen while I was sleeping… so I just kept taking them.

Will see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I’m less emotional. Have had enough emotions this week fighting with my child who insists on being skipped ahead a grade next year. It’s not easy, chelating and dealing with other people’s issues sometimes. Was hoping to get stronger before I had to deal with helping him figure out college path stuff. Researching colleges and talking with teachers and administration and trying to make him understand he’s rushing things was not on my plan for this week. I was hoping to get back into making some art. Was hoping to try to reconnect to my self, my  life. With no stress.

Best laid plans.


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