Ending Round 4

Round 4 has been really boring. On the one hand I’ve had two nights of very disrupted sleep due to various reasons out of my control. So I’ve been tired a lot which is disappointing as previous rounds have been full of energy and I was hoping for more of that. Ah well. I’ll end this one at 1:00 PM today and catch up on my sleep. Hopefully.

Thinking about moving up to 5mg DMPS next round, if nothing interesting happens off round.

In other news, my son is doing great on his first day of on round. He woke up, showered, came upstairs and said:

“Mom! That pill you gave me! Is it supposed to give me energy?! Because I couldn’t sleep til 2. I like these things! I’m ON! I’m UP!”

And then he didn’t stop talking all the way to school… normally he’s very quiet on the ride to school.

Hope he doesn’t crash off round! And I’m a little jealous!


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