I Spoke Too Soon

I totally overdid it yesterday. I ended up with that head-in-a-vise mercury headache. Feels like a tight band around your brain, squeezing. That.

I couldn’t get it to go away either, no matter what I tried. No amount of C, not even extra mag and lots of water. Sinuses were also all blocked up and now today I woke up with swollen eyelids again. Still have the headache only it’s more background now, slight.

So… live and learn. Do NOT push exercise, even if you are on-round. At least not yet.

Andy Cutler has this to say, and as usual, he is right.

“Exercise mobilizes mercury and needs to be done in MODERATION. It is NOT always good for you. Exercise is STRESS and there is a particular physiological response to stress that is messed up in most mercury toxic people – cortisol goes DOWN instead of UP like it is supposed to. So you can release adrenaline and feel really good WHILE you are active, but then crash afterwards and take a long time to recover. Depending on how sick you are this can be from hours to days. Moderation is doing exercise in small enough bits that you don’t get this ‘crash’ after it. No hours of sitting and doing nothing. No inability to think. No being woozy with allergy symptoms.”

My son is also feeling tired from the 5mg after mowing the lawn yesterday. We both overdid it, I guess.


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