Going Rouge

I’ve gone off script. I started a very low dose of ALA a month early. This is not cool in the online groups, and I know it. 2 weeks early seems to be acceptable for some, but 3 months after amalgam removal is the “rule”.

I have never been a rule follower. I would probably be dead by now if I was. In fact I’d probably have no thyroid and a lot of radiation damage if I had listened to my doctors… I’m always looking for my own way, what feels right. I get in trouble when I don’t follow my gut.

And my gut said, let’s try it… you can always stop the round if we are wrong.

The reasons I’m trying this are:

1.) I’m impatient

2.) I think as I’ve done 9.3 “3 day-rounds” that’s about how many rounds someone who waits 10 weeks would have done.

3.) I think my kidneys could use a break from DMPS. My eyelids get swollen on round and while I’m trying to support my kidneys, the DMPS is stressing them out.

4.) My adrenals definitely take a hit after a couple days on round.

5.) ALA has so many anti-oxidant benefits in addition to chelating. It’s good for blood sugar, inflammation, skin issues, etc.

6.) It’s just time to start getting some mercury out of my organs.

7.) I’m impatient, and I want to feel some healing happening.

So I started yesterday at 7:00 AM. It’s a lot of pills to take every 2.45 hours. I made it through 24 hours and will decide after tomorrow whether or not to make 3 nights of it or just 2.

What I’m noticing: I need to eat more often or I get queasy and dizzy. I do get headaches if I don’t take enough C. I should probably adjust the schedule to take every 2 hours 20 minutes…. but what will that look like at night when I’m trying to get some sleep? Not sure. I can try to work out a schedule to try next round I guess but so far this is manageable. I seem to be doing ok energy-wise.



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