First ALA Round

I’m going to call it a success.

I think my doses were a little too far apart. I tried to do 2:45, but next time I will do 2:20.

My schedule was: 7:00AM, 9:45AM, 12:30PM, 3:15PM, 6:00PM, 8:45PM, 11:30PM, 3:15AM and then 7:00AM again.

I only did 3 days and 2 nights because of this, or I think I could have kept going.

On-round symptoms notes: a little dizzy, a little headachy, a little queazy. Vitamin C and making sure I get regular food in helps a lot. Other than that, mood seems good, and energy levels not bad at all until I try to do too much. Finding it easy to decide what to do and do it – good follow through instead of just thinking of all the things needing to be done.

Off-round, fine. Slight naggy headache in the back of my skull. But fine. Good to go.

That was only 1mg of ALA. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I will probably stick with 1mg for a few more rounds, unless the closer dosing makes a huge difference.

Next round I will try this schedule: 6:20AM, 8:40AM, 11:00AM, 1:20PM, 3:40PM, 6:00PM, 8:20PM, 10:40PM, 2:30AM, 6:20AM


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