I’m finally feeling about as good as I felt before the whole DMPS allergic reaction fiasco.

That took a while.

The magic being in:

  1. Forskolin
  2. Tyrosine
  3. Iodine (small amount, low dose – 500mcg)

I really didn’t think the Forskolin was doing anything, but it was. So… good to know. Keep it for mood and energy.


I also discovered a pressure point thing for plantar fasciitis.

Read here:

There’s a trigger point in the upper calf, about dead center, roughly four fingers down from the back of the knee that seems to magically eliminate all pain, weakness, and stiffness from PF. There’s another spot where the heel meets the arch, right in the center that also helps. 
Finally, I’ve been thinking about how mercury poisoning changes us.
In so many ways.
Obviously our bodies get sick.
And our brains.
For example, I spaced my debit card PIN number after having the same number for almost 2 years. Gone. Just, poof, gone. Did mercury eat those brain cells holding that number? Muscle memory couldn’t remember it either.
And then personality. I am pretty sure I used to be a pretty decisive person. I knew what I wanted and went for it. I rarely had doubts. I rarely said “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” I knew what I wanted to do. And I did it. Or I tried like hell to get the chance to do it.
But in the past few years, and even still. I don’t care. I don’t care what’s for dinner. I don’t care what’s on tv. I don’t care if we should go do this or that. I mean, I might go if I have the energy but it’s ok if I miss it. Maybe that’s depression. But more that that, doubting my ability to make a rational decision or even a gut decision. Not feeling it, so not trusting it. Hard to make a firm decision to do anything.
I think it’s coming back though, I mean, there’s the desperate “I have to get my teeth fixed or I might not survive much longer” decision… I think that was desperation, more than a decision to do something new with my life. I want something new to do with my life. Wanting it is the first step, I think.



Better, Not Best

Still here. I did another ALA round. It went fine. I was kind of a zombie exhausted the first day… and I got sick of it and asked for help on the Andy Cutler group.

Someone suggested forskolin. Someone suggested iodine. Someone suggested DHEA.

OK. One thing that I had tried early on here was forskolin. I didn’t think it was doing anything so I didn’t repurchase it when it ran out. It ran out… a little bit after my DMPS poisoning… which I was not recovering from very quickly at all. Getting more and more tired and depressed every day.

Hmn… maybe it was doing something after all? And hey, I should get more iodine since I don’t use iodized salt and am avoiding most seafood.

So I added both in. Low dose iodine, like 500mcg. And I loaded up on the forskolin. Suddenly I started to have hope again. Go figure.

So forskolin. What the heck is that? If  you ask Dr. Google, you’ll find a lot of info about weight loss and Dr. Oz, and people saying it doesn’t work.

Well, I’m sure Andy Cutler wasn’t recommending it people for 20 years for weight loss… so I looked in the book. Yes, it helps with depression. Yes, it helps with healing the brain from mercury damage. Yes, it can help heal the gut too. It helps people feel more “together” whatever that means.

All I know is I won’t let that one run out again anytime soon.

Here’s more:

And here’s what I buy:


Another thing I learned… if scientists want to study Lupus, they inject mice with mercury to induce it.

Scientists can INDUCE Lupus with MERCURY.


So… are doctors telling people they should look into a mercury detox when they hand out that oh so wonderful diagnosis? Seems to me they should be.