It’s been awhile…

Time ticks along, huh?

I’m doing a lot better. Walking 10-15K steps a day. Doing yard and house work. Volunteering with my kid’s robotics team again. Playing Pokemon Go.

It’s good.

Ups and downs. Some great energy days, some lower energy days. Some chelation ick, but nothing I can’t deal with.

Kind of waiting for that infamous “dump phase” – maybe it’s here, maybe not. That whole DMPS reaction kind of messed everything up so that I couldn’t tell for awhile what was good or bad. I’ll take what’s going on now though, it’s still better than before.

And yeah, still taking my full load of supplements: forskolin, lithium orotate, adrenal cortex, amino acids, vitamins A, B’s, C, D, E and K2. Minerals. Molybdenum. LDN. Thyroid. Whatever it takes.