The Dump Phase

Since my last post, I did another round.

And then caught the mother of all head colds.

Still recovering.

Everyone else seems to be recovering much faster than me.

The weirdest thing is that I even caught the cold. I usually don’t.

So… does that mean I’m getting better?

In a twisted way, maybe it does. They say a heavily burdened immune system doesn’t even try to fight a virus. Mine is certainly trying, but not doing a great job. Reminds me of several years ago when I would catch everything and stay sick way longer than anyone else… and then that all stopped.

So maybe this is the turning around of that.

The reversing of illness, phasing backwards kind of thing?

Whatever is going on, I’m pretty sure I’m in the “Dump Phase” as Andy Cutler calls it.

On pg 52 of Amalgam Illness, he has a chart with the timing of the dump phase on it. It shows the beginning of the dump phase starting at 2-4 months, and the peak of dump being 6-9 months… and finally ends 12-24 months out. It looks like it can take a longer time to come off the peak than it took getting up to it. And I guess you don’t know for sure when the peak is, until you start feeling better again. Can’t wait for that.

The Dump Phase is when you’ve sufficiently lowered your blood/intercellular mercury levels enough that the organs start releasing some of the mercury they have stored to try to “spread the mercury out” – lessen the organ load and try to detox.

It’s part of the healing process, and isn’t necessarily a bad thing or something to dread – but it can feel like a setback, or a stall in healing. Some people have to lower their doses to get through it, some old symptoms might return, but still, things shouldn’t get as bad as they were before you had your amalgams out – though it can be no fun. They say the best way to get through this is to keep chelating.



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