Alpha Stim

I’m just going to park this one here:

That’s a device the dentist had me use at my last amalgam removal visit.

It clips onto your earlobes, it’s a handheld device that sends signals to the earlobe pads, which sends waves to your brain in the same brainwave pattern as neurotransmitters or some such thing.

It made me feel floaty and a little dizzy. I only had it set on 2.5. I guess at 10 you can feel quite stoned.

I don’t usually like any sort of electrical thing near me, I get zapped too easily and it hurts. I don’t even like an electric toothbrush.

But for some reason I agreed to this – I guess because I wanted to get top and bottom left side done all at once and I thought what the heck, maybe it will help.

When I came home my husband said I looked “happy”. Whatever that means.

He said it again the next day.

An I wasn’t UNHAPPY, and that’s kind of a big deal these days.

So… maybe there is something to it. Too bad it’s so expensive, and too bad you need a prescription to get one.


Mercury Free


At least, my teeth are. I’m done! Done with the nightmare of dental revision!

14 mercury-filled amalgam fillings GONE.

It’s a relief, but not a miracle, like you read some people claim. Maybe if I had done it sooner.

My mouth is very sore. I can eat. It will heal.

Mentally, I’m just thrilled that I am not in a continual state of poisoning myself.

In 4 days I can start chelating.

And then I can start getting the mercury out of my cells.


Amalgam Revision Part 1

On Monday, February 29th, 2015, I got 3 teeth fixed. One quadrant. The upper right. The worst of the teeth was in this section – the one that was cracked and probably leaking the most mercury into my body.

I had asked my regular dentist about it – explained how it was super cold-sensitive and I had to be really careful drinking cold or hot liquids. The hygienist said it looked like there were some tiny little cracks from grinding or clenching my teeth. The dentist said… “it looks great!”

I left wondering why they weren’t interested in fixing the tiny little cracks and getting me out of pain.

It’s probably for the best – the last thing I needed was for them to remove the filling and do something that would have made me sicker – they don’t use any sort of protection when removing or putting in fillings.

So I found a new dentist who is a “holistic dentist” – she’s on the IAOMT list of recommended doctors – and she explained to me how old amalgam fillings can expand and contract and cause your teeth to crack in time. And how she would fix it with an “onlay” made from white composite material.

So I went for it – with all of my dental phobias and a tummy full of activated charcoal, I went and got 3 teeth done.

It wasn’t fun.

It wasn’t cheap either.

It’s been 3 days now and my mouth still hurts but is feeling better. I still feel the adrenal effects of all that stress.

But I can drink cold cold water again. Doesn’t hurt one bit.

And, maybe, just maybe, the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) is better. I almost can’t hear it, after listening to it constantly for several years now, that’s a bit shocking. Sometimes I think it might be gone, but then it does come back, quieter than normal. Maybe it will actually go away in time.

Preventive Dentistry

In 6th grade, my school sent home a permission slip for students to get a free dental checkup. My mother signed it and sent me back to school. School put me on a bus to Vermont. I lived in New Hampshire. It was quite a long bus ride…. 45 minutes maybe? An hour? Where did they find this dentist?

I remember sitting in that dentist’s chair, crying, in pain. As he drilled and drilled and drilled and filled and filled and filled. At one point he said to me “How old are you?” I answered “Twelve”. He replied, “The stop crying like a baby and act like it”.

I got 14 fillings that day.

I don’t know if I needed those fillings.

I know I didn’t ask for them.

I know I didn’t get a choice between silver or white.

I don’t know if my mother would have signed that form if she knew what she was giving permission for.

I have since found out that this was considered “Preventative Dentistry”.

Drill and fill, Baby.