A Good Weekend

This second round is proving kind of amazing.

I feel SO much better.

Almost like a normal person.

As much as I know what normal is, anymore.

First of all, on Saturday, I managed to get the front hedge trimmed. Up and down the ladder with the hedge clippers for 2 hours. Exhausting. But I’ve been looking at that hedge all winter wishing I’d managed to do it last fall, and wondering if I was going to have to hire someone.

I was tired, and because we had a Sounders game to go to that night, I figured I’d better take a nap or I’d never survive the Sounders game. Usually they take so much out of me that I’ve been dreading going.

But for the first time in forever, I couldn’t fall asleep for a nap. And this is really huge, because I can fall asleep anytime anywhere at the drop of a hat, if given the chance. So that was weird. My body was tired, but the rest of me was ok.

And then we left for the Sounders game. Usually I’m fried just from the drive through Seattle traffic, as a passenger; by the time we get there, I’m ready to be done.

But… the ride was fine.  I actually listened to the music on the radio, which I normally tune out because the world is much too noisy for me – I can’t handle music these days, all I hear is static for lyrics… I can handle music with no lyrics sometimes, or songs I used to know the words to, but most music just wears me out.

This was different and new: I actually heard the words and not just noise.

Seriously you don’t know what you are missing until it comes back, I think.

At the stadium, I was also fine. I didn’t feel claustrophobic in the crowd like I usually do. I wasn’t annoyed by the non stop bickering of the kids sitting behind us like I normally am. I wasn’t wishing for ear plugs because the stadium was too loud for my nerves. And I was genuinely happy to run into friends instead of feeling like I needed to fake being happy to see them. AND I was able to watch the game and follow it and enjoy it, instead of wishing I was anywhere but there.

Seriously, you don’t KNOW what you are missing until it comes back!

Then, Sunday I was signed up to be an alternate at our democratic caucus. The last caucus I went to was so stressful that I almost left, but because the room was so jam-packed full of people, I couldn’t see a way out to the door. So I hunkered down and stayed. Wishing I was anywhere but there.

So you can imagine my surprise when again I was in a crowded gym, with insanely poor organization and confusion, some hostile people and a lot of noise, for over 5 hours… and I was FINE. Fine. I was fine. I was able to talk to people, get my questions answered, feel like I was a part of the process and not an outsider observing.

I was fine.

Tired. The caucus was exhausting, but I was not uniquely exhausted. Everyone was exhausted.

I could get used to this. Sure hope it continues like this for the most part at least. I need to remember this the next time I’m off round and it’s so hard again.  This isn’t easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

As long as I can baby my adrenals and keep this up, it’s going to be ok.




Things did not end well.

I did stay up til 11 PM to take a final dose for my first round to make it 80 hours total.

Sleep was ok, woke up at 3:30 and had a hard time falling back to sleep for an hour.

Woke up at 7, when it would have been time for my next dose… had a cup of coffee, showered, was heading out the door to take the kid to school when WHAM. The thing I needed to take to school with us was missing, the husband had done something with it that he shouldn’t have, didn’t think it was a big deal but it was to me, and I was in full blown RAGE mode. Yelling at the dog. Barking orders at the kid. Shaking.

NOT myself.

I do NOT want to be that person.

So that led to anxiety. More shaking. Can’t deal.

I started popping supplements. Lithium Orotate. More C. Passionflower. ACE. B vitamins. More ACE. Amino Acids.

Then came the headache.

Resorted to Advil. I know, it’s not allowed.

Someone suggesting looking at this page – Andy Cutler on Depression: http://onibasu.com/archives/fdc/28048.html

Decided to take some Tyrosine.

Decided to go to store and buy some Allegra.

Took a few hours but here I am, worn out but back to myself.

That was no fun.

72 Hours into First Round

I could be done now. Or I could take one more dose before bed and make it an 80 hour round.

Either way, it’s been F.I.N.E. A very fine first round. A few minor aches and pains, nothing I even needed advil for… a little tired and draggy, but that’s life. Ear ringing and sinus issues returned. A few moments of happy energy, but they didn’t last. Slept fine. Ate fine. Not at all emotional or anything like that.

I still need to see what my redistribution symptoms are like, how I feel during my “break”, off-round.

What I have learned is:

  1. You can’t take too much vitamin C. Really.
  2. Ascorbic Acid works better and faster than whole food vitamin C to knock symptoms out.
  3. I will have to move my dose schedule up to every 6 hours for DMPS instead of every 8 hours, since I seem to be a “fast metabolizer”. Doesn’t bode well for ALA, but will cross that bridge when I get there.

Success. First round of many to get the mercury out. I can live with life like this for awhile. Looking forward to some “improvements” along the way though.


46 Hours In, Round 1

So the 8 hour dosing of DMPS is not quite working for me, I guess I’m a “fast metabolizer”. I’m pretty sure I read that in my 23andMe results somewhere once upon a time as well, so not a complete shock.

What is happening is that about 15 minutes before my dose is due, I’m getting a very uncomfortable squeezing of my skull feeling, like my head is in a vice. Once I take my dose, the feeling completely goes away within 20 minutes or so.

Now that I sit here 2 hours before my next dose, I’m starting to feel those aches and pains that come and go – the ones I mentioned yesterday. So it must be building up to that skull squeezing feeling.

I could do a couple things, try to take my next dose just before the skull squeezing feeling starts… or I could take it even earlier than that (though that’s not supposed to be good to do on round), or I could stop the round and start fresh in 3 or 4 days at 6 hour dosing.

I don’t really want to end the round early.

I think I’m going to try to make the rest of this round a “7-hour” dosing.

So that means my next dose is at 2:00 PM, then 9:00 PM, then 4:00 AM, then 11:00 AM, then 6:00 PM then I could be done with Round 1. What a pain.

I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to have to take ALA every two hours too, when that time comes.

UPDATE: A friend suggested trying more vitamin c before messing with the schedule. Seems to have worked. 



28.5 Hours Into First Round

Managing fine.

Nothing eventful.

A little tired, what’s new? I like a good 9 hours of sleep so 8 is crimping my style.

I went to Comicon with the fam, my feet hurt, it was crowded and a bit overwhelming, but I was ok.

Got really hungry. Again, this is new as I tend to forget to eat most of the day, so sat down for a big lunch before noon.

Small weird aches and pains that come and go, mostly neck, sciatic area, one arm.

Some sinus issues have returned, nothing major.

Ringing in ears louder again.

Seem to be peeing a lot. Could probably drink more water to help flush things out.

Mouth still healing from revisions.

This is not hard, or scary.

Countdown to Day 1 of Round 1

In less than one hour, I will take one of these and begin my detox journey.


DMPS is taken every 8 hours, unless you are a fast metabolizer, then you take it more frequently, like 6 or 7 hours.

My plan is 3:00 PM, 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Rinse and repeat.

One round is usually 3 days, 2 nights. Or, 72 hours. Or… as long as you are willing to take it.

“They” – the people in the Andy Cutler groups – say that a new person should start a regular round and see how they do on and off round before trying a longer round. So I’m going to shoot for 72 hours or so starting from… 3:00 PM my time today. Then I’m supposed to take 3 days off before going again.