Ending Round 5

I think 4 days of 5mg is good enough for this round. It’s been a good round aside from the one day I did too much. I’m feeling better and better every week. Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend. Which is a big deal because… well, usually that’s too exhausting to even think about. It was nice.

It is really NICE to be getting my life back. My yard is looking better and better, like someone actually lives here and is taking care of things. It’s good to be a person who can take care of things again.

I wish I could figure out how to get my lymph system running better though, I’ve been trying several lymph formulas (herbal) but am thinking maybe I need to go for a lymph massage.

I did pause the colon cleanse, as I was just sick of it. Sick of feeling so bloated by the end of the day. I’ll pick it back up again. I am working on supporting liver and kidneys as well as lymph right now.

Juicing is going ok. I like my juicer and it’s not a total pain to clean it. The organic celery I bought is kind of bitter… but it’s ok with apples and mangos and pears, etc. I have not gotten brave enough to try the beets I bought. I’m only making one juice a day. And now I realize I’ve forgotten about the lemon water I was doing. So much to keep up with… it’s a full time job.

But, it’s better than sleeping the days away on the couch. And it’s only going to get better and better. This is exactly what I needed to do and should have done it 14 years ago when it was first suggested to me.

Another thing I recently figured out. Or think I did. I’ve been taking 5htp for years at bedtime to “raise my serotonin”. Well, when serotonin goes up, dopamine goes down. I have also been trying to raise dopamine as that is the motivation and reward neurotransmitter, and my motivation has been long gone. Well. Since I stopped the 5htp and added l-tyrosine, I think I’m starting to balance that out. So that’s excellent.

Here’s an article about the FDA trying to warn people about mercury in dental amalgams, and the Department of Health and Human Services shutting that down. Frustrating. Someday people will look back at these fillings and say “how barbaric, can you imagine?”



A Good Weekend

This second round is proving kind of amazing.

I feel SO much better.

Almost like a normal person.

As much as I know what normal is, anymore.

First of all, on Saturday, I managed to get the front hedge trimmed. Up and down the ladder with the hedge clippers for 2 hours. Exhausting. But I’ve been looking at that hedge all winter wishing I’d managed to do it last fall, and wondering if I was going to have to hire someone.

I was tired, and because we had a Sounders game to go to that night, I figured I’d better take a nap or I’d never survive the Sounders game. Usually they take so much out of me that I’ve been dreading going.

But for the first time in forever, I couldn’t fall asleep for a nap. And this is really huge, because I can fall asleep anytime anywhere at the drop of a hat, if given the chance. So that was weird. My body was tired, but the rest of me was ok.

And then we left for the Sounders game. Usually I’m fried just from the drive through Seattle traffic, as a passenger; by the time we get there, I’m ready to be done.

But… the ride was fine.  I actually listened to the music on the radio, which I normally tune out because the world is much too noisy for me – I can’t handle music these days, all I hear is static for lyrics… I can handle music with no lyrics sometimes, or songs I used to know the words to, but most music just wears me out.

This was different and new: I actually heard the words and not just noise.

Seriously you don’t know what you are missing until it comes back, I think.

At the stadium, I was also fine. I didn’t feel claustrophobic in the crowd like I usually do. I wasn’t annoyed by the non stop bickering of the kids sitting behind us like I normally am. I wasn’t wishing for ear plugs because the stadium was too loud for my nerves. And I was genuinely happy to run into friends instead of feeling like I needed to fake being happy to see them. AND I was able to watch the game and follow it and enjoy it, instead of wishing I was anywhere but there.

Seriously, you don’t KNOW what you are missing until it comes back!

Then, Sunday I was signed up to be an alternate at our democratic caucus. The last caucus I went to was so stressful that I almost left, but because the room was so jam-packed full of people, I couldn’t see a way out to the door. So I hunkered down and stayed. Wishing I was anywhere but there.

So you can imagine my surprise when again I was in a crowded gym, with insanely poor organization and confusion, some hostile people and a lot of noise, for over 5 hours… and I was FINE. Fine. I was fine. I was able to talk to people, get my questions answered, feel like I was a part of the process and not an outsider observing.

I was fine.

Tired. The caucus was exhausting, but I was not uniquely exhausted. Everyone was exhausted.

I could get used to this. Sure hope it continues like this for the most part at least. I need to remember this the next time I’m off round and it’s so hard again.  This isn’t easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

As long as I can baby my adrenals and keep this up, it’s going to be ok.


Little Improvements

Day two after my my last fillings have been replaced.

I can breath through my nose. Easily. I guess I’ve been a mouth breather for quite some time, because my nose is always stuffed up. WAS. Was always stuffed up. This is kind of a big deal. I layed in bed last night just breathing through my nose for the novelty of it.

Also, while laying there, breathing through my nose, I noticed I had to really pay hard attention to hear the ringing in my ears. Tinnitus is still there, but quieter.

Two more days and I can start chelating.


Mercury Free


At least, my teeth are. I’m done! Done with the nightmare of dental revision!

14 mercury-filled amalgam fillings GONE.

It’s a relief, but not a miracle, like you read some people claim. Maybe if I had done it sooner.

My mouth is very sore. I can eat. It will heal.

Mentally, I’m just thrilled that I am not in a continual state of poisoning myself.

In 4 days I can start chelating.

And then I can start getting the mercury out of my cells.


Back to Normal

Normal is relative, right?

The missing progesterone migraine hit yesterday morning, so… whatever was working right in my body for a few days/weeks, has stopped. Back to both thyroid meds and progesterone for me.

But the good news is the molybdenum continues to work, I feel more centered in my body rather than outside my body making it move. We work as one now. Weird, I know, I didn’t even realize that was how I felt until I stopped feeling that way. This is the way a normal person feels inside their body, from what I can remember.

I’ll take it.

I can’t wait to start chelating.

Symptoms Update

Still taking .75 of a grain of Naturethroid (vs. 3 grains as I was previously). Wondering if .75 is a “why bother” dose… will give it a few more days.

My estrogen dominance symptoms seem to have disappeared. So much so that I’ve forgotten to  use my progesterone cream for a few days now. Normally if I forget a day, I get a bad migraine the next day. No migraine.

Distrusting feeling better… but going with it. After all, I still have 5 teeth, 7 amalgams left to fix.


Sweet Dreams

Well, not so sweet dreams as it turns out. But lots of weird dreams.

But I’ll start at the beginning.

Yesterday’s research led me to a supplement called “L-Ornithine”.
L-Ornithine is an amino acid that lowers ammonia in the body and brain – a side effect of the CBS mutation and sulfur foods overload. Ammonia can also be a side effect of Lyme disease, but we aren’t going there. (More: http://www.vitaminstuff.com/amino-acid-ornithine.html)

Anyway, not only does it lower ammonia, it is supposed to help with insomnia! I’m always on the lookout for insomnia things to get my husband, who suffers, to try.

So I went out and bought some, mostly for him, but I figured hey, I’ll try it too, ammonia is evil stuff if it’s trapped in a body or brain!

It’s just an amino acid, after all.

Holy acid, batman! I dreamed all night long. As soon as I shut my eyes, I was dreaming. Weird stuff, nothing I remember now though, something about theatre (my kid used to do shows)…. I would wake up, fall right back to sleep, dream again.

This is kind of amazing, because I rarely rarely rarely dream since getting sick. I always think dreaming is a good sign. Low Dose Naltrexone caused some dreams for about a week, but that was it.

I can’t say I had the best sleep of my life, this dreaming will take some getting used to.

Even my fitbit says, meh… but I will try it again. I imagine it’s not easy work to detox a brain of ammonia… or anything else.