Ending Round 5

I think 4 days of 5mg is good enough for this round. It’s been a good round aside from the one day I did too much. I’m feeling better and better every week. Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend. Which is a big deal because… well, usually that’s too exhausting to even think about. It was nice.

It is really NICE to be getting my life back. My yard is looking better and better, like someone actually lives here and is taking care of things. It’s good to be a person who can take care of things again.

I wish I could figure out how to get my lymph system running better though, I’ve been trying several lymph formulas (herbal) but am thinking maybe I need to go for a lymph massage.

I did pause the colon cleanse, as I was just sick of it. Sick of feeling so bloated by the end of the day. I’ll pick it back up again. I am working on supporting liver and kidneys as well as lymph right now.

Juicing is going ok. I like my juicer and it’s not a total pain to clean it. The organic celery I bought is kind of bitter… but it’s ok with apples and mangos and pears, etc. I have not gotten brave enough to try the beets I bought. I’m only making one juice a day. And now I realize I’ve forgotten about the lemon water I was doing. So much to keep up with… it’s a full time job.

But, it’s better than sleeping the days away on the couch. And it’s only going to get better and better. This is exactly what I needed to do and should have done it 14 years ago when it was first suggested to me.

Another thing I recently figured out. Or think I did. I’ve been taking 5htp for years at bedtime to “raise my serotonin”. Well, when serotonin goes up, dopamine goes down. I have also been trying to raise dopamine as that is the motivation and reward neurotransmitter, and my motivation has been long gone. Well. Since I stopped the 5htp and added l-tyrosine, I think I’m starting to balance that out. So that’s excellent.

Here’s an article about the FDA trying to warn people about mercury in dental amalgams, and the Department of Health and Human Services shutting that down. Frustrating. Someday people will look back at these fillings and say “how barbaric, can you imagine?”



I Spoke Too Soon

I totally overdid it yesterday. I ended up with that head-in-a-vise mercury headache. Feels like a tight band around your brain, squeezing. That.

I couldn’t get it to go away either, no matter what I tried. No amount of C, not even extra mag and lots of water. Sinuses were also all blocked up and now today I woke up with swollen eyelids again. Still have the headache only it’s more background now, slight.

So… live and learn. Do NOT push exercise, even if you are on-round. At least not yet.

Andy Cutler has this to say, and as usual, he is right.

“Exercise mobilizes mercury and needs to be done in MODERATION. It is NOT always good for you. Exercise is STRESS and there is a particular physiological response to stress that is messed up in most mercury toxic people – cortisol goes DOWN instead of UP like it is supposed to. So you can release adrenaline and feel really good WHILE you are active, but then crash afterwards and take a long time to recover. Depending on how sick you are this can be from hours to days. Moderation is doing exercise in small enough bits that you don’t get this ‘crash’ after it. No hours of sitting and doing nothing. No inability to think. No being woozy with allergy symptoms.”

My son is also feeling tired from the 5mg after mowing the lawn yesterday. We both overdid it, I guess.

Round 5 Going Well

I upped my dose to 5mg DMPS this time and I’m 2 days in. So far so good. Still some ear ringing. I napped yesterday but managed to get a lot of landscaping stuff done in my yard today. I’m sure I’ll pay for it tomorrow. My feet hurt, and I’m not sure what that’s about. It could be from jumping on the shovel trying to dig up sod? Or it could be something else.

In the past few days I’ve partially dug up some lawn to make a strawberry bed, emptied a big pot, bought a fig tree, and planted it in the pot, bought and planted two tomato plants in big pots I mixed soil with compost, watered the trees I planted a few weeks ago, watered everything else, set some stepping stones in the earth – about 20 feet of them, trimmed a tree, etc etc. This is so much better than sleeping on the couch.

I also bought a juicer. I’m liking it so far.

My son started his second round and I put him on 5mg too. He’s doing fine on it, not hyper, not wild and chatty, just fine. This might be a good dose to keep him at for a bit. He got his hair cut today and the new hair growing in is blond, not brown. Weird?

Ending Round 4

Round 4 has been really boring. On the one hand I’ve had two nights of very disrupted sleep due to various reasons out of my control. So I’ve been tired a lot which is disappointing as previous rounds have been full of energy and I was hoping for more of that. Ah well. I’ll end this one at 1:00 PM today and catch up on my sleep. Hopefully.

Thinking about moving up to 5mg DMPS next round, if nothing interesting happens off round.

In other news, my son is doing great on his first day of on round. He woke up, showered, came upstairs and said:

“Mom! That pill you gave me! Is it supposed to give me energy?! Because I couldn’t sleep til 2. I like these things! I’m ON! I’m UP!”

And then he didn’t stop talking all the way to school… normally he’s very quiet on the ride to school.

Hope he doesn’t crash off round! And I’m a little jealous!

Start Round 4

I started round 4 just now.

I also updated my “about me” page.

My son’s hair test came back – that was fast.

He looks way more mercury toxic than me. Which, of course is weird, since he’s much healthier than me. He meets rule 1 and almost meets 2 others. I will have to figure out how to chelate a growing teen who sleeps a lot and resists supplements. I hope he sees the worth and will be encouraged to continue.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.34.49 AM


Of Round 3

Doing absolutely fine! Like miserable yesterday never happened. No emotional mess, no issues. Feel pretty normal, not like Superwoman normal, but a “good day” for someone who has been chronically sick for years. You know what I mean.

Round 3 Ended on Day 4

Super tired, had to nap, feeling fried and stressed and exhausted. Ears ringing. Popping, ringing that comes and goes and varies from ear to ear and intensity, and some aching that comes and goes. 

Calling it enough for round 3.

Should have stopped yesterday, and meant to, but when my alarm went off I popped a pill and then realized.

And then I thought I’d better push through to 1:00 PM the next day so that the worst of off round would happen while I was sleeping… so I just kept taking them.

Will see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I’m less emotional. Have had enough emotions this week fighting with my child who insists on being skipped ahead a grade next year. It’s not easy, chelating and dealing with other people’s issues sometimes. Was hoping to get stronger before I had to deal with helping him figure out college path stuff. Researching colleges and talking with teachers and administration and trying to make him understand he’s rushing things was not on my plan for this week. I was hoping to get back into making some art. Was hoping to try to reconnect to my self, my  life. With no stress.

Best laid plans.