Day 3 of Round 3

Doing ok. I want to keep going. But. My birthday is in 3 days… I don’t want to be first day of “off round” on my birthday because that would suck. I would be expected to be happy because it’s my birthday yet I’m afraid I would be an emotional mess because that seems to be what off round is for me.

What to do.

If I stop today, then I could start again on my birthday. Or. I could keep going and see if I can go longer this time or not.

What to do.

In other news, the colon cleanse is going well. I added fresh lemon water to my day. A quarter lemon per glass of water – trying to do 4 glasses a day. Things are moving along better than before in the ways you would expect.

Lemon is supposed to be good for liver and kidneys. And lymphs.

I also added some kidney support herbs: Christopher’s Kidney Formula. Amazon has it. I ordered some lymph herbs as well, but figure the kidneys need to be supported if I’m detoxing lymph. Plus detoxing mercury with DMPS goes through the kidneys too, so supporting them seems smart. Plus, adrenals sit on kidneys, there must be a relationship between the health of kidneys and adrenals, right? Just makes sense.

Spending a lot of time between the water dispenser and the bathroom. Must be getting some toxins out, right?

Also. I tried this stuff -NADH + CoQ10 – have gone through one bottle, don’t think it’s doing anything:


More on Histidine

Day 3 off-round. Mentally feeling a LOT better. I took some iron last night and am now warm again and not as breathless. I did wake up more sore than normal, was trying to figure out why, thinking maybe it was the small amount of broccoli (sulfur/thiol) that I had with dinner last night… but it went away when I got my Adrenal Cortex Extract into me. So it was adrenals, and I should have known, because I went to bed stressed out and shaking because of an online argument with someone who was trying to convince me to man up and not take iron. I’ve done that. It never leads anywhere good for me. Maybe once the mercury it out I won’t need to supplement it.


Back to the Histidine issue.

Someone else online posted something very useful:

“My NUTREVEAL showed I was low in histidine. As well as folates. And zinc.

My practitioner told me that you need Folates to convert histidine to glutamates instead of histamine !!!

So if your folates are low , you could end up making histamines from histidine. So get your folate levels checked !

I have read many reports from people who did much better with food intolerances after adding in histidine.

Here’s what I think is the reason. One of the enzymes needed to metabolize sulfur foods is called CDO. CDO requires iron , as well as histidine and B6

So if you’re low in histidine, you will have a difficult time breaking down sulfur foods

Lots of enzymes require sulfur. Including PST. Which breaks down Phenols and salicylates. Berries , tea. Etc.”

So now… I get to research CDO! Obviously I’m low in iron… and I don’t usually take folate because I get sleepy with it… and I’ve been avoiding greens because of the sulfur/thiol issue (miss them!)… so I’m sure I’m low in folates. And as I suggested yesterday, I think I might be low in histidine. SO… more puzzle pieces fitting together.

Also, this exhaustion I’ve been dealing with. I’m wondering if it’s actually Narcolepsy. No really.

Between that study I was reading yesterday about the link between low histamine and narcolepsy, and my issues with excessive sleepiness during the day, I finally got around to looking up symptoms of narcolepsy. I always thought it was just falling asleep randomly for a few seconds at time (hadn’t paid much attention to it), and I thought MY ISSUE was food related, but now I see that the main symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness, every 3 to 4 hours, which forces you to feel the need to nap! That’s me. That is what has been happening to me. It got really bad when I was taking taurine, but is now much much better since avoiding sulfur foods and taking molybdenum. Let’s see if taking histidine makes it even better.  What the heck.…/narcol…/detail_narcolepsy.htm

OK, I’ll be back if I find anything interesting about CDO…




Life-long anemic. Low iron on every blood draw or attempt to donate blood ever done.

I eat plenty of meat. I even eat liver. Frozen grass-fed liver pills. Ugh.

I know we are not supposed to supplement iron, that it reacts somehow with mercury.

I know the mag people say the same, that taking mag will raise iron (it doesn’t for me).

I know that anemia is a sign gluten intolerance and celiac, and I know that the only time iron supplementing raised my levels was once I got off gluten.

But it doesn’t stay raised.

When I skip taking my iron, I get breathless and hypothyroid.

Which is what has happened AGAIN since I stopped taking it after reading that it reacts badly with mercury.

What’s a girl to do?

Depending who you ask, you will get different answers. Mostly people say avoid it! It’s dangerous, take more mag!

Well, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Right?

Happily, the Andy Cutler group is more reasonable about this:

Take the iron. Chelate. Eventually you shouldn’t need to take it as often or at all.

How’s that for practical?

I’m just going to go with it and stop stressing every time I take my iron. It gives me energy, it keeps me breathing, life is just better when I take it.

Low Histamine Depression

If you go here: and read about different reasons for depression, you might find some answers.

Or, you might become confused.

I’m pretty sure #4 is my issue:

4). No motivation, no energy, don’t enjoy anything, sit around like a bump on a log, unaroused, unaware, but mood OK (you don’t feel DEPRESSED, you just don’t feel much at all) = Low histamine depression.

But the solution to that has been confusing the heck out of me:

4). If you have low histamine depression, IF YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC AND HAVE NO INFLAMMATORY PROBLEM, try l-histidine 1-3 grams a day. If you are allergic this will make your allergies dramatically worse and you must NOT do it. In that case, take a lot of nonsedating antihistamines and other allergy medications, for example Allegra (fexofenadine) and Singulair or Accolate and Nasalchrom as this may let your body tolerate more histamine. AVOID all medications that have antihistaminic side effects and all antihistamines that get into the brain (which is all the over the counter ones).

The “you must NOT do it” sounds dire.

Since I am full of inflammation from mercury, I should avoid that stuff like crazy, right?

But looking up Allegra, I see all kinds of people online saying how Allegra made them feel suicidally depressed.

I don’t need THAT either.

So I finally asked the source. Andy Cutler.

I had it wrong. It’s take the l-histidine, but if you have allergies or inflammation, then be cautious, and be prepared to take the antihistamines so that you can tolerate the l-histidine. It’s not an either or, it’s an either, or both.

So. Something to try.

Wish me luck.


More: It’s not easy to find info about low histamine. Lots of info about high histamine, histamine intolerance, low histamine diets, etc. But not much about low histamine.

Here is one scientific study that says low histamine levels are associated with sleepiness.

Here is one that gives some causes for low histamine:

Factors [1] that can reduce your brain histamine levels include:

  • ongoing deficiencies in zinc, vitamin C, folic acid and niacin (vitamin B3)
  • excessive blood copper (which allows excessive histamine degradation to take place)
  • long term use of drugs like Dilantin (an antiepileptic), which destroys the body’s supply of folic acid and can bring about severe paranoia and low histamine levels
  • increased estrogen levels due to the use of birth control pills or during pregnancy can lead to elevated copper levels, which can in turn bring about low histamine levels.
  • According to Joan Mathew Larson, Ph.D. (nutrition), founder and executive director of the highly esteemed Health Recovery Centre (HRC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, people with Type A blood type may be more prone to sequestering copper and subsequently, have lower histamine levels.

The above maybe makes sense, as I’m typically always low in zinc, C, folic acid and b’s. I’m not sure about the copper, as my copper was low on my hair test. I do have estrogen dominance issues and have for years. And I have type A blood.

72 Hours into First Round

I could be done now. Or I could take one more dose before bed and make it an 80 hour round.

Either way, it’s been F.I.N.E. A very fine first round. A few minor aches and pains, nothing I even needed advil for… a little tired and draggy, but that’s life. Ear ringing and sinus issues returned. A few moments of happy energy, but they didn’t last. Slept fine. Ate fine. Not at all emotional or anything like that.

I still need to see what my redistribution symptoms are like, how I feel during my “break”, off-round.

What I have learned is:

  1. You can’t take too much vitamin C. Really.
  2. Ascorbic Acid works better and faster than whole food vitamin C to knock symptoms out.
  3. I will have to move my dose schedule up to every 6 hours for DMPS instead of every 8 hours, since I seem to be a “fast metabolizer”. Doesn’t bode well for ALA, but will cross that bridge when I get there.

Success. First round of many to get the mercury out. I can live with life like this for awhile. Looking forward to some “improvements” along the way though.


Hair Test Ratios

Scary Hair Test Ratios.

I don’t know if they really mean anything, since you know, mercury messes with mineral transport and all that…

But according to these numbers I should be close to death.

Of course, I have been feeling like I need to do something soon or I will not last much longer. So maybe this is just proof of that feeling. That it’s not just doom and gloom in my head.

I don’t know.

But here is the hair test ratio link.

And here are my results – most of which came off the bottom of the hair test results from yesterday.

Calcium/Magnesium (Ca/Mg) – Referred to as the blood-sugar ratio.
Ideal: 6.67.  
Me: 4.8
Within optimal limits, but low end. Need more calcium?

Sodium/Potassium (Na/K) – Referred to as the life-death ratio because it is so critical.
Ideal: 2.5
Me: .0875
Severe inversion – tendency towards heart attack, cancer, arthritis, kidney and liver disorders. Need more sodium and potassium. stat.

Calcium/Potassium (Ca/K) – The thyroid ratio.
Ideal: 4
Me: 1.84
Says I’m hyper, but I’m not. Still, need more calcium and potassium?

Sodium/Magnesium (Na/Mg)- Referred to as the adrenal ratio.
Ideal: 4.17
Me: .106
Adrenal Insufficiency 50% or more energy loss.
Need more sodium.

(a note from a member on an Andy Cutler group: “when Na/Mg less than 1, the body can’t make enough adrenaline and supplementation with tyrosine, trimethilglycine (TMG), folic acid and B6 and B12 can improve mood and energy”)

Zinc/Copper (Zn/Cu):
Ideal: 8
Me: 14.4
Copper deficiency or unavailability. Need more copper?



My hair test results are in.


That was actually pretty quick turnaround.

According to the Andy Cutler groups, I’m supposed to ignore the writing that the doctor scribbled all over it, but I find the comment on what type of b12 interesting as I have not tried those types before.

First of all, it confirms that I’m low in lithium and molybdenum, two of the new supplements that I started that seem to be helping so much.

Copper doesn’t seem to be an issue, which is something I have wondered about because so many people say copper causes many of the problems I’ve been dealing with over the years. Andy Cutler’s book says mercury toxicity mimics many symptoms of copper toxicity… so that kind of makes sense. If it’s not copper, then it must be mercury.  Unless it’s both, in which case I have more research to do about copper. (Molybdenum and zinc lower copper, so if it’s not true that hair copper is indicative of body status, that should take care of things too.)

Mercury in the top part is elevated, which totally makes sense since I just recently had 7 fillings replaced – no matter how safe the dentist is, some exposure happens. Also, if you remember, I had been been taking chlorella and liposomal glutathione in preparation of my first dental revision visit – and that really stirred up mercury – never again! I lost brain cells and words doing that. Ugh.

So that’s proof one.

Then there is the whole “deranged mineral transport” business that the hair test is supposed to indicate if you have mercury toxicity. There are 5 “counting rules” to use to determine if this is the case. Mercury disrupts the transport of chemicals into and out of cells, and these counting rules help figure out if that’s the case. I’ll go through them one by one.

All these rules involve the bottom part of the test – the “Essential and Other Elements” section.

Rule 1: If five or fewer elements are higher than 50%.  Rule met – proof two – I have 5 – Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Sulfur, Germanium. I don’t know what Germanium is, but I have been supplementing the other ones for years. Several of my supplements are sulfur supps.

Rule 2: If five or fewer elements are less than 50%. Rule not met. I have 16.

Rule 3: If four or more elements extend into the red on either side. Rule not met, I only have 1, Cobalt. Sodium almost is, I think that’s an adrenal sign?

Rule 4: If eleven or fewer elements are completely contained in the white and green sections. Rule not met, I have 12 or 13 (one is so very very close to that yellow line .54 instead of .50).

Rule 5: If any two of the previous rules are one bar short of being met. Not met – only one was close to being iffy.

So I have elevated mercury in the top chart and proof of deranged mineral transport in the second part. This indicates a high probability of mercury poisoning.

No surprise.

I wonder what the low boron means, I’m reading that that is good for arthritis, getting calcium and magnesium into the cells, hormone balancing, mold/fungus/candida, and general brain health. Might be worth trying.

Also, the low chromium indicates blood sugar issues, hypoglycemia, etc, which I do have issues with. I can add chromium to my fistfull of supplments I guess.