Start Round 4

I started round 4 just now.

I also updated my “about me” page.

My son’s hair test came back – that was fast.

He looks way more mercury toxic than me. Which, of course is weird, since he’s much healthier than me. He meets rule 1 and almost meets 2 others. I will have to figure out how to chelate a growing teen who sleeps a lot and resists supplements. I hope he sees the worth and will be encouraged to continue.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.34.49 AM



Hair Test Ratios

Scary Hair Test Ratios.

I don’t know if they really mean anything, since you know, mercury messes with mineral transport and all that…

But according to these numbers I should be close to death.

Of course, I have been feeling like I need to do something soon or I will not last much longer. So maybe this is just proof of that feeling. That it’s not just doom and gloom in my head.

I don’t know.

But here is the hair test ratio link.

And here are my results – most of which came off the bottom of the hair test results from yesterday.

Calcium/Magnesium (Ca/Mg) – Referred to as the blood-sugar ratio.
Ideal: 6.67.  
Me: 4.8
Within optimal limits, but low end. Need more calcium?

Sodium/Potassium (Na/K) – Referred to as the life-death ratio because it is so critical.
Ideal: 2.5
Me: .0875
Severe inversion – tendency towards heart attack, cancer, arthritis, kidney and liver disorders. Need more sodium and potassium. stat.

Calcium/Potassium (Ca/K) – The thyroid ratio.
Ideal: 4
Me: 1.84
Says I’m hyper, but I’m not. Still, need more calcium and potassium?

Sodium/Magnesium (Na/Mg)- Referred to as the adrenal ratio.
Ideal: 4.17
Me: .106
Adrenal Insufficiency 50% or more energy loss.
Need more sodium.

(a note from a member on an Andy Cutler group: “when Na/Mg less than 1, the body can’t make enough adrenaline and supplementation with tyrosine, trimethilglycine (TMG), folic acid and B6 and B12 can improve mood and energy”)

Zinc/Copper (Zn/Cu):
Ideal: 8
Me: 14.4
Copper deficiency or unavailability. Need more copper?


My hair test results are in.


That was actually pretty quick turnaround.

According to the Andy Cutler groups, I’m supposed to ignore the writing that the doctor scribbled all over it, but I find the comment on what type of b12 interesting as I have not tried those types before.

First of all, it confirms that I’m low in lithium and molybdenum, two of the new supplements that I started that seem to be helping so much.

Copper doesn’t seem to be an issue, which is something I have wondered about because so many people say copper causes many of the problems I’ve been dealing with over the years. Andy Cutler’s book says mercury toxicity mimics many symptoms of copper toxicity… so that kind of makes sense. If it’s not copper, then it must be mercury.  Unless it’s both, in which case I have more research to do about copper. (Molybdenum and zinc lower copper, so if it’s not true that hair copper is indicative of body status, that should take care of things too.)

Mercury in the top part is elevated, which totally makes sense since I just recently had 7 fillings replaced – no matter how safe the dentist is, some exposure happens. Also, if you remember, I had been been taking chlorella and liposomal glutathione in preparation of my first dental revision visit – and that really stirred up mercury – never again! I lost brain cells and words doing that. Ugh.

So that’s proof one.

Then there is the whole “deranged mineral transport” business that the hair test is supposed to indicate if you have mercury toxicity. There are 5 “counting rules” to use to determine if this is the case. Mercury disrupts the transport of chemicals into and out of cells, and these counting rules help figure out if that’s the case. I’ll go through them one by one.

All these rules involve the bottom part of the test – the “Essential and Other Elements” section.

Rule 1: If five or fewer elements are higher than 50%.  Rule met – proof two – I have 5 – Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Sulfur, Germanium. I don’t know what Germanium is, but I have been supplementing the other ones for years. Several of my supplements are sulfur supps.

Rule 2: If five or fewer elements are less than 50%. Rule not met. I have 16.

Rule 3: If four or more elements extend into the red on either side. Rule not met, I only have 1, Cobalt. Sodium almost is, I think that’s an adrenal sign?

Rule 4: If eleven or fewer elements are completely contained in the white and green sections. Rule not met, I have 12 or 13 (one is so very very close to that yellow line .54 instead of .50).

Rule 5: If any two of the previous rules are one bar short of being met. Not met – only one was close to being iffy.

So I have elevated mercury in the top chart and proof of deranged mineral transport in the second part. This indicates a high probability of mercury poisoning.

No surprise.

I wonder what the low boron means, I’m reading that that is good for arthritis, getting calcium and magnesium into the cells, hormone balancing, mold/fungus/candida, and general brain health. Might be worth trying.

Also, the low chromium indicates blood sugar issues, hypoglycemia, etc, which I do have issues with. I can add chromium to my fistfull of supplments I guess.


Hair Test In the Mail

My hair test kit arrived and over the weekend I asked my husband to cut a bunch of tiny snips of hair off so I could send in my sample. I’m sure my hair stylist is going to have something to say about this, hopefully it’s all hidden and there are no obvious holes.

I mailed it out today. I have no idea when I will hear back.

The Hair Test

According to Andy Cutler’s protocol, you can tell a lot from a hair test. It will probably not show high mercury, unless you’ve had a recent acute exposure, but it will show patterns that indicate mercury toxicity, other heavy metal toxicities, and possible mineral absorption issues.

I don’t think it’s necessary to get a test; after all, I’ve had 14 amalgams in my mouth for 34 years and have been battling several autoimmune diseases and health issues over the last 14 years… but I decided it would be interesting.

And maybe it would provide some measure of proof to the doubters. If that matters at all. I don’t know if it does.

But I think it will be interesting to see a before and after, so I went ahead and spent the $90.00 on it.

This is the hair test that the people in Andy Cutler’s forum use:

And here is one page that talks about the “counting rules” to determine if the test shows mercury issues:

Andy has a book that goes into more detail: Hair Test Interpretation and this book also has an easy to read chapter about it: Mercury Poisoning: The Undiagnosed Epidemic