The Plan

  1. Find a holistic dentist: Search here: D.) (Found one right up the street – yay!)
  2. Get silver (mercury) amalgams replaced with composite by a holistic dentist. (Done in 3 visits, finished on April 4, 2016.)
  3. Research how to detox mercury. Read all the books, all the websites. Compare Andy Cutler Chelation with Chris Shade Quicksilver protocol: ACCvsQSmercuryDetox (Done.)
  4. Ok, I’ve chosen the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol. Low and slow and gentle. Oral chelation with DMPS, DMSA and ALA. Perhaps look for a gut mopping agent to use at end of rounds.
  5. Four Days after last amalgam is out, start chelation. Plan to use DMPS using the Andy Cutler Protocol to start with – every 8 hours or more frequently as needed. 3 days on, 4 days off, as tolerated. Some people do very long rounds, continuous even, with DMPS. Will try.
  6. After 3 months, start chelating mercury out of my entire body, including my brain, with ALA and DMPS or ALA and DMSA.
  7. Herbal organ cleanses.
  8. Iodine thyroid cleanses.
  9. Supplements to support my system while it detoxes.
  10. Live life again.